Getting to the 2009 Horsetooth Hang

Where It's At
The Hang is held at three Horsetooth Reservoir climbing areas just outside of Fort Collins, CO (The Piano Boulders, Rotary Park and The Scoop Area). The registration area is at Rotary Park; this is where all climbers and volunteers will come to check-in, register, and deposit their collected trash. In addition, the Rotary area will be full of vendors, shoe demos, artist displays, and other fun activities for Hang participants and spectators. The main Rotary parking lot will be closed to general use for the day, so plan on using our free shuttle system to get around. A limited number of parking spots will be reserved for spectators and non-Hang users.

Getting to the Shuttle Parking
- From Denver/DIA/Boulder, take I-25 north
- Upon reaching Fort Collins, take the Prospect Rd exit
- Turn Left and head west on Prospect Rd
- Continue on Prospect all the way through Fort Collins until you hit Overland Trail
- Turn Left (south) on Overland Trail
- Turn Right (west) on CR 42c just after passing Hughes Stadium
- Look for a sign that says Horsetooth Hang Shuttle Parking
- Park along the road and look for white Miramont Lifestyle Fitness vans

The Shuttle System
The free shuttle service will begin picking up Hang participants from the shuttle parking along County Road (CR) 42c (See Map Below) at 7:45am and will drop them off at the Rotary Park registration area. The Shuttle vans will leave for the registration area every 15 minutes or as needed. Once climbing begins at 10am, the vans will begin taking participants to the Piano Boulder and Scoop areas in addition to occasionally stopping by the parking area along CR 42c. If you arrive late, no worries, a large banner will be hanging on a car at the shuttle parking area. To get picked up, just call the number on the banner and a van will be sent down. The shuttles will stop by each climbing area once every half hour.

Getting to the Afterparty
You definitely don't want to miss the Afterparty! It will be hosted by Hodi's Half Note this year and is going to be awesome! After you get dropped off by the shuttle at the end of the day, just follow these easy directions to get to food, beer, a sweet slideshow, and tons of great prizes.

- From the Shuttle parking along CR 42c:
- Go east on CR 42c until you hit Overland Trail
- Turn Left (north) on Overland Trail
- Continue on Overland Trail until you hit Mulberry
- Turn Right (east) on Mulberry
- Continue on Mulberry until you hit College Ave
- Turn Left (north) on College Ave
- Hodi's Half Note is at 167 N College Ave

If you can't find parking along College, turn left on LaPorte Ave, then turn left into a ridiculously cheap parking garage on the corner of LaPorte and Mason.

Horsetooth Map

Getting to the Afterparty